GTX 1080Ti for sale


Hiya gents. 

I'm selling off my GTX 1080ti as I've no longer got any use for it. Figured I'd see if anyone here is interested before it goes on ebay. The exact card is an MSI GTX 1080Ti Armor 11Gb OC (link). The card is in pretty good condition, as shown in the pictures below. Overall, it's a very good card and the only reason I changed it was for an upgrade to a 2080ti. It performs well with VR (tested with the oculus rift, super-sampled to 200%). Very capable for gaming, it is able to run almost every (if not all) AAA games on max presets. 

Any questions, let me know. Asking price is 500 GBP, shipping within UK and Ireland only.

[Image: nCjuj5L.jpg]

[Image: LMidoUa.jpg]

[Image: JsdMBk2.jpg]

[Image: iPij2sC.jpg]

PM if you're interested!


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