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  1. The basic stuff Player led peace conferences is a must. Coring states will be useful for longer games. Other than that it's just kind of what game do you want to play
  2. TO: ALL STATIONS FROM: A/CPL GRIMSDALE, G3 OPERATIONS OFFICE SUBJECT: OPERATIONAL CONTEXT DTG: 1722Z06MAY20 PRECEDENCE: ROUTINE CLASSIFICATION: SECRET ++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++ BJORNSTEIN INDEPENDENCE The small island of Bjornstein, which is a territory of the Gunhild stein Republic, has declared their independence from the Republic and the British commonwealth. This was due to the recent election of the new mayor Aleksander Agner in November, he is a rampant protester of independence and claims they are superior due to their Viking inheritance. Also, he brought massive changes to the budget, funding the military (now known as the BSDF) using old stockpiles of equipment. This group took advantage of the rising Commonwealth resentment that gained traction after the British intervention in Finland. Despite the fact they refuse to sign any treaties or communicate with the British commonwealth they did not receive much protest from the Republic or British commonwealth. Their ultimate goal is to seize power over all of the islands inside the Republic. LEADING UP TO CURRENT EVENTS After a mobilisation and deployment of military assets to all areas of the island the BSDF engaged the small British garrison stationed on the island. They attacked areas including the several military bases, the British embassy, research bases and the capital of Yolandi. Deaths are yet to be confirmed yet it is estimated to number around 47 British military deaths and almost a complete destruction of the volunteer army who serve Gunhild stein. The mayor has since taken complete control of travel, media and the industry on the island. They have managed to take British equipment, however, most are severely out of date; they have also captured many British personnel like the Ambassador and high up military personnel. The Gunhild stein Republic has approached the British government for assistance due to Britain being legally bound to protect the nation. BRITISH RESPONSE Following the attacks, Prime minister Boris Johnson has been involved in emergency meetings with the remaining members of the Gunhild steins government. And after the release of videos confirming the British ambassador to be alive, PM Boris Johnson announced that the British military is to respond. Due to not only the legal issues but to avenge the British who were stationed on the island and in turn attempt to save the remaining British citizens no matter their purpose of being on the island. An adaptable Force Brigade of the British Army known as the 51st Infantry Brigade has deployed some of its units in a battle group formation along with the 42 Commando in a supportive role. The SCOTS BG are planned to arrive in the country on the 27th of April. They will be deployed via the HMS Queen Elizabeth and create a plan of action to retake the island. ++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++
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