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  2. I see your sleeping doggo, and raise you one commissioned doggo
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  5. At 17, i was working in a restaurant and trying to kick start my event company
  6. At 17 I was working as an electrical fitter and getting paid £3 per hour... spent it all on video games for my original Xbox
  7. TO: ALL STATIONS FROM: 2LT DUNLE, 1 PL COMD SUBJECT: OP HARDRADA III WARNO DTG: 2020Z31MAR20 PRECEDENCE: IMMEDIATE CLASSIFICATION: SECRET ++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++ SITUATION No change. PROBABLE MISSION Coy Hasty Attack on OBJ Belfast in order to (IOT) DISABLE En Arms Effort and DENY the stores to the enemy. OWN MAIN EFFORT My own main effort will be to SECURE the smuggled weapons and DESTROY any En forces. TIMINGS O Grp - NLT 1915Z H Hour - 2000Z O GROUP Pl Comd's Office prior to operation. CSS No changes to SOPs. ACKNOWLEDGE Section commanders to acknowledge this warning order. ++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++
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  9. Hunt

    Pets Thread

    Couldn't find a decent photo of her but lastly we got Katie who pretty much a Mexican Labrador. She is very sneaky around food and hella greedy. 😂
  10. Hunt

    Pets Thread

    Henry who is the only male in my pack and used to be Mexican street dog also very much like a Staffy and the eldest of my lot.
  11. Hunt

    Pets Thread

    Here is my Border Collie Gracie (Satan) trying to get her own way.
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